Still at risk …

The economy may be topsy-turvy, but issues such as risk management are timeless.

I was reminded of that when Jan Husdal recently reviewed an article our consultants Jim Kiser and George Cantrell wrote in 2006 for Supply Chain Management Review.  It lays out six steps necessary to manage risks in the supply chain. Here’s the link:

One of the messages we often forget is to look beyond direct suppliers right through the supply chain. As we were saying on the PI Window on Business Blogradio program recently purchasers are prone to focus on what’s immediately in front of them. I like to use the term “supply management” or “sourcing” rather than “purchasing” because they both imply a deeper approach to the profession.


One response to “Still at risk …

  1. Thanks for the mentioning. As it happens, that review is among my top visited blog posts, so I can only assume that it indeed IS a good and sought after article, which by the way, it definitely is.

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