GM’s Owners Get to Regulate Their Competitor?

So — Toyota’s safety issues have put its president testifying in front of a panel of Congresspersons representing the U.S. Government. Just to have the head of foreign company testifying before Congress is unusual enough — but there’s another twist. The U.S. Government is still the majority owner of General Motors. The old adage “what’s good for General Motors is good for the country” is literally true now. If Congressional criticism of Toyota helps General Motors gain market share — it should increase the value of GM stock that the U.S. Government owns.

Wouldn’t you like to own a company where you get to regulate your competitors?

Listen to my discussion with Jon Hansen of PI Window on Business on this and related supply chain topics on this blogradio program:

One response to “GM’s Owners Get to Regulate Their Competitor?

  1. Interesting perspective on this government vs. private sector debate. The Jon Hansen radio program provided some interesting arguments for all of us to consider.

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