BMW Gets It — Suppliers Bring Value Beyond Cost Savings

In a news release, BMW recently announced it has launched a supplier innovation award program — recognizing nine suppliers for outstanding technological advances. The innovations included a new automatic transmission, a camera-based driver assistance system, fully adaptive LED headlamps, and a new way to fuse lightweight aluminum sheets for greater structural strength.
BMW cut to the chase in a statment, “With its new award, the BMW Group aims to demonstrate that innovation is a crucial success factor for the company. Working closely with suppliers is extremely important to the BMW Group in expanding and reinforcing its leadership in the field of innovation.” That’s about as strong a statement as you are likely to see that recognizes the value of suppliers as an extension of a company. I think it’s very significant that BMW, which has a brand already so strongly associated with innovation, was willing to essentially share that recognition with its supplier community.  It is not likely that BMW would take such a step unless it had strong strategic relationships with those suppliers and felt comfortable that no competitor would be able to break them.


2 responses to “BMW Gets It — Suppliers Bring Value Beyond Cost Savings

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