U.S. Still Holds Economic Clout

We all know that we live in a truly global economy, and that emerging economic powerhouses such as China, India, Russia and Brazil have enormous influence. Nevertheless, the ISM Annual Report on Business PMI that was released this week showed the U.S. manufacturing was growing, albeit slowly, for the 29th consecutive month. When you consider the disruptive influences on the economy from natural disasters, political upheaval, volatile commodity prices and a continuing European debt and currency crisis, it is remarkable that the U.S. manufacturing sector has slowed but never reversed course for more than two years. We may have challengers from around the world, but the U.S. economy still leads the world in resiliency.
Here’s the link to the news release and ISM Report on Business manufacturing summary.

One response to “U.S. Still Holds Economic Clout

  1. you are right.. if we compare US economy with other developed countries we can feel the difference easily!

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