Global Inter-connections Continue for ADR

Please excuse this bit of promotion, but smart sourcing has become valued throughout the global economy and as a response to demand in the Middle East for procurement expertise, ADR International, Ltd. has established an office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to serve that region. The new company called ADR Middle East will provide the same full range of Consulting, Learning and Sourcing services that ADR offers to its clients in other regions of the world.

ADR’s local Arabic & English speaking team in the Middle East region will use the same skills, methodologies and processes developed globally by ADR over the past 25 years.  This know-how that has transformed the way ADR International’s clients buy across the globe is now available to Middle East organizations. The Managing Director of ADR Middle East is AbdelGhani Sinan.

And speaking of connections — hurricane Sandy of course, created huge disruptions in global supply chains, primarily from the damage and delays at the Port of New York and other logistics hubs in the northeast.
On the other hand, the supply chain profession is supporting humanitarian relief through the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN)
Their mission is “Engaging the Supply Chain Community to Support Humanitarian Relief Efforts.”





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