GAO Keen on Strategic Sourcing for Services

According to the U.S. General Accountability Office, the federal government  spent $307 billion to acquire services in its last fiscal year. Did they get good deals on all that work?  The GAO wasn’t so sure, so it turned to ISM, asking for examples of organizations that might have best practices that the federal government could put in place. Obviously, they came to the right place. ISM staff offered a list of supply management organizations that the GAO might interview, and in its report the GAO mentioned four tactics that it found important.
(1) Standardize requirements
(2) Understand cost drivers
(3) Leverage scale
(4) Prequalify suppliers
The GAO remarked that effective organizations did not treat all service purchases the same, and they had to be able to adapt tactics to changing conditions.
None of this should be a big surprise. It did come from “good sources” as it were.
The GAO might not be able to persuade the whole U.S. Government to follow those good practices, but that should not stop you from paying attention to them in your own work.
Here’s the link to the report summary and PDF.
Strategic Sourcing: Leading Commercial Practices Can Help Federal Agencies Increase Savings When Acquiring Services

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