Apple vs. Samsung — Landmark or Side Show?

Obama stepped right into the Apple vs. Samsung battle recently by instructing his delegate to veto an import ban the International Trade Commission had placed against Apple. The ITC ruling would have affected iPhone 4 and older iPad models that the ITC felt had violated Samsung’s patents.  Here is some of the latest coverage in BloombergBusiness Week.
Since the models affected still have selling power, Apple did get a material win from the ruling. However, this dispute between a company and a significant supplier does seem to be more of a unique case than an example for purchasers everywhere. Technology moves quickly, so turf that was once important loses its significance over time.
The lesson to manage your supplier relationships carefully — because conditions can turn your supplier into a competitor — should have sunk in a long time ago. Maybe the news from this turn of events is that it shows the President carries an iPhone 5 rather than a Galaxy S4.


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