Unilever Reports on Its Sustainability Challenge

There are plenty of companies that are adopting sustainability policies, but not many that are taking the challenge to the same commitment as Unilever, as it is described in this op-ed written by its vice president of sustainable living.
Jonathon Atwood writes that the company in 2010 adopted a 10-year sustainable living plan that calls for “doubling of the size of the company, while reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact.” One of the goals is to source 100% of its agricultural raw materials sustainably. Two years into the program, Atwood says its working. “Brands that made sustainable living central to their product innovation and brand purpose are increasing sales.” At the same time he claims the program is saving money and reducing risks.
These are noble, but ambitious claims. How far do you think your organization is willing to go to meet sustainability targets?  How do you even define them?
Atwood says one metric Unilever uses is waste-to-landfill, and it has hit zero percent at its headquarters and R&D facilities. Food for thought from a major food processing company.


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