Supply Chain as Marketing Message

We have talked a lot about how important supply management has become to advance the strategies of the overall enterprise, and here’s a case in point. Hotels now routinely promote their onsite recycling and energy conservation initiatives to guests. (e.g. “Please hang up your towel in the bathroom so we don’t have to wash it after one use.”) However, a San Diego Courtyard Marriott has taken that a big step further by promoting the sustainability of its supply chain. Here’s the release from the Courtyard San Diego Rancho Bernardo.
By promoting it with a news release, the hotel clearly calculates that one of the returns it expects to get from its supply chain decisions is more guests and more top line revenue.
The situation does raise issues about what the standards are for calling a purchase “sustainable.” When the term is being used as a selling point, there is always a temptation to relax the standards. But that’s an ongoing question. The message today is that the supply management isn’t always about lower costs — it’s also a driver of higher revenue.


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