Learn to keep your skills current

People, keep on learning is the crux of this research study “Keep Learning Once You Hit the C-Suite” in the Harvard Business Review blog.

While it’s aimed at those in the C-Suite or those who aspire to it, the results are valuable to everyone who cares about his or her career.  Who among us wouldn’t benefit from being more flexible, adaptable and curious?  A better team player?  Or from updating our communications skills and learning to interact through social media?  The study talks about the value of mentors, and not just those who’ve achieved long, successful careers.  How about a “reverse mentor,” someone younger who can help change old habits and outdated ways of thinking?

The study cites the importance of looking for opportunities to get out of comfort zones.  And, to ask for feedback from your team, peers and bosses on how to be better at work.  Always keep developing your skills, a self assessment like ADR’s DNA is a good start.  I have the view that learning never stops and I can always learn more.

Whether you’re headed to the top, or happy in the niche you’re in, it’s all good advice.

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