Does your organization optimize the effectiveness of its talent development program?


It’s a sad fact that many organizations devote on a large portion of their annual budget to developing their teams, but rarely get the desired results. Often organizations don’t take the time to develop key metrics to measure the change in skillsets, behavior or impact of the training.

While procurement and supply chain training provides best practices and new tools, many organizations fail to embed the learning through a linkage to the business process. Unfortunately, over time, the learning is lost as people return to their daily routines and old processes.

5 things companies can do to improve the effectiveness of their development program:

  1. Create linkage between training tools and business processes
  2. Build metrics and checkpoints to assure that tools are embedded and used
  3. Align all development programs to the industry and company using case studies and real life examples
  4. Build programs on a fundamental and advanced level that add value to participants
  5. Measure and report ROI resulting from the training

Today employees are in an environment where they are multitasking, highly distracted and working in matrix organizations with multiple masters. They resent spending time in a training environment that provides limited value.

To be successful, training must be meaningful, provide tools and value linked to a process that will deliver results and a high ROI.

How effective is your company’s training?


One response to “Does your organization optimize the effectiveness of its talent development program?

  1. Todd Smith (toddsmith)

    I like this comment. It is very true.


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