Believing what you see on video interviews could be your downfall

Hiring the wrong person is a catastrophe that can cost the company money and you the loss of your job. Post COVID we have been relying on video calls to substitute for the in-person reality check. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to gauge a person’s soft skills, ability to influence or likelihood of merging into the company culture on the video call.

Last week, I received several calls from past and current clients admitting that the virtual interview was missing the capability to assess technical and soft skills. I suggested the development of an assessment. I have long been a believer in interviewing assessments to fill gaps that the interviewing process leaves behind. My advice always is to include an evaluation in the process. I suggested that the client build scenarios or a case study in advance and present on the call with the interview. Doing this allows you to see the logic used, presentation skills, soft skills, process skills and ability to perform under pressure. The results help you quickly learn how the candidate manages under pressure and aligns with the overall company values. It also allows you to confirm what you are thinking.

The reaction from candidates is sometimes surprising. I experienced a candidate who had not done any preparation. He said, “I can out PowerPoint anyone; let’s just talk about it.” We closely observed him, and the interviewing group concluded that the candidate was lazy and did not prepare for the session. In another instance, we had some math required in problem-solving a real-life case study simulation. When we spoke to the candidate, she responded that she had not done the case study indicating “math was for the subordinates to do.”  The last case is a male candidate who presented and displayed that he was a good presenter; however, the presentation revealed some gender bias toward women in the workforce. I am convinced that we would not have discovered this in a simple video interview.

In summary, it is essential to augment your video interview with simulations, scenarios and case studies to discover the natural person behind the screen.

Are you hiring the best person for the job?


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