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Be the Best Customer

We have been saying for quite some time that suppliers won’t give their best stuff to their worst customers, and here’s another voice chiming in with the same message. Smartblog on Food and Beverage with supported research from SCM World indicates that innovative ideas and marketing only come when there is a targeted audience that will respond/engage. It is difficult to harvest creativity for customers that won’t notice or care — which is another way of saying, “listen to your suppliers because they are listening to you.” SCM World also states that collaborative relationships between brands/businesses for great ROI are only successful when there is the right market. Their tips for successful business relationships range from sharing strategic information to measuring and rewarding success.

Don’t dominate, collaborate

As companies bring smart purchasing strategies to new categories of spend, there is a danger for procurement professionals who are too eager to prove their worth. While management in production or engineering may have become familiar with cross-functional teams addressing a sourcing issue, marketers and other owners of indirect spend often have had very little experience working with procurement professionals except at the administrative level. They are likely to view any involvement as an intrusion into their professional relationships.

Good guidance for procurement staff is to approach those situations with a goal to collaborate, not dominate. Look for small successes to build trust, not home runs in the first few innings. Fred Parkinson wrote a nice piece about engaging stakeholders for our eBulletin last summer.  Click here to read it.