Who is Sourcing Guy?

I am Bill Michels and I’m CEO and founder of Aripart Consulting. After completing my contract with the Institute for Supply Management, who acquired my US and China businesses, my wife Linda (SourcingChick) and I started Aripart to use our knowledge and experience working with the world’s greatest companies to deliver value and competitive advantage to our clients. In my new role and formerly as President of ADR North America LLC, a specialty consulting firm that focuses on smart sourcing and Senior Vice President of the Institute for Supply Management. I travel all over the world working with global companies to transform their sourcing operations.

Before I started consulting, I held senior management positions at SCM Corporation, Smith Corona Typewriters, Durkee Famous Foods, Boise Cascade, Campbell Soup Company and Vlasic Foods.

Since then, my colleagues and I have delivered significant changes in purchasing processes, leading clients to increased profitability, enhanced staff competence and sustainable cost improvements.

We have developed new methodologies and theories, practices and tools for the transformation of the supply chain. They work together to release incremental profitability and value to business.

A while ago I co-authored a book called “Transform Your Supply Chain.” You can also find me in “Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s” group of “Pros to Know.”

I look forward to sharing my perspectives on this SourcingGuy blog, and hope you will join my conversation.



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