It’s all about talent development

Early in my career I bought parts to build typewriters — which happened to be important pieces of equipment for purchasing departments everywhere because manually typing purchase orders was one of our important functions. The typewriter and that job became obsolete together.
I was reminded of that by an article in Forbes about how “We Need to Change How We Think About Talent.” It points out how the skills needed to succeed are always changing. Technology is an important part of that. We don’t need typewriters and clerks to manage a supply chain any more, we need sophisticated technology and skilled professionals. And as supply management is more tightly integrated with overall corporate strategies, the breadth of those skills is constantly increasing. It’s uncomfortable for some of us, but we really ought to embrace it.  The fact is that software is doing to cubicle work what automation did to the factory floor — replacing people who did repetitive tasks.
The only way to stay on the top of your profession is to become a continual learner. World-class supply organizations have recognized that, but you don’t have to be part of a global purchasing operation to find opportunities for learning.  I’ll put in my pitch for ISM educational resources, because they are very accessible to any professional and can lead to credible professional credentials. However, a number of degree-granting universities are also very active in online programs, if that’s your goal.

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